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The Atlas Obscura Podcast is a celebration of the world's hidden wonders. Every day, a 15-minute episode takes listeners to someplace strange, incredible, or wondrous around the world and introduces them to the people and history which make it special.

I helped launch this show in 2021 and continued to work on it as a producer for more than two years. Over the course of my time on the team, I originally reported and lead-produced more than 90 episodes, averaging one per week. As a founding member of the team, I also took my role as a creative leader seriously. Between March and August 2021, I created production processes, oversaw onboarding and training systems, and trained and managed Atlas Obscura contributors in my role as an interim senior producer. I also piloted new show formats, developed and led monthly episode critiques, and led discussions about craft and the creative direction of the show.

Newark Earthworks

January 2021 - March 2023

I pitched, reported, and wrote this  story as one of my first contributions to Atlas Obscura. It includes three voices, significant historical and cultural context, and a news peg... all in 16 minutes! 

DESCRIPTION: Built by indigenous people thousands of years ago, the Newark Earthworks are part cathedral, part cemetery, and part astronomical observatory. But today, this ancient ceremonial site is part of a golf course in Ohio.

Beechey Island Graves

Friendship Park

I worked with my colleague Manolo Morales to simultaneously co-report this episode from either side of the U.S.-Mexico border. The finished piece uses our field reporting as a base to tell the story of one place from two different perspectives, in two different languages. This episode also aired on "The World" from PRX.

DESCRIPTION: Every Sunday, there’s a binational church service at Friendship Park, which straddles the U.S.-Mexico border. We sent two reporters to attend the church service — one on the U.S. side and one in Mexico — to learn more about how changes to the U.S. border have affected the park and the community.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

World's Oldest Edible Ham

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