Household Name is Business Insider's flagship narrative podcast. Each episode of the show tells the surprising story behind a well-known brand, exploring the unexpected ways business shapes our lives and culture.

I joined the team as an intern shortly before the podcast launched its first season in July 2018. By September, I had stepped into an unofficial producer role, contributing reporting, writing and audio editing to episodes in production. I was hired full-time as an associate producer in December 2018.

Gangs? At Disneyland?

June 2018 - present

I reported, wrote, and produced this episode about the unlikely "gang" scene at Disneyland. 

DESCRIPTION: Once upon a time, gangs roamed Disneyland in biker vests. They swarmed rides. They got in fights. Or so we thought… The real story is more like a classic Disney fairy tale... about a princess and her merry band of friends. But is there a happily ever after?

Crocs: Punchline to Fashion Line

I reported, wrote, and produced this episode chronicling Crocs' rise to cultural prominence.

DESCRIPTION: For years, Crocs were ridiculed as America’s ugliest shoes. The’ve been called “pock-faced,” “plastic hoofs,” and the “garden gnome of fashion.” But now, they're actual fashion, thanks to some help from top name designers and celebrities. Crocs are in. How did that happen? PLUS: Are Crocs edible?

NASA Uncut

The Mattress Firm Conspiracy Theory

I contributed reporting and writing to this collaboration with WBUR's Endless Thread podcast. 

DESCRIPTION: We go on a mission to find out why there are so many Mattress Firm stores. How do they end up next door and across the street from each other? Are the mattresses full of money? Reddit users started a conspiracy theory, so we teamed up with WBUR and Reddit’s Endless Thread podcast to put these questions to bed.

I traveled to California to report this story about one fan's fight to keep the A's in Oakland, and the powerful identity underlying his love for the team.

DESCRIPTION: In the 1970s, the Oakland A’s were the most bonkers team in baseball. They had bright yellow and green uniforms, iconic handlebar mustaches, and a live donkey for a mascot. It was an eccentric owner's way of getting attention. But those gimmicks didn't win fans in Oakland. Instead, they started a generation of fights between fans and owners, until both sides learned that success in Oakland means embracing Oakland. 

Who owns the Oakland A's?

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