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I led my colleagues on Business Insider's audio team in the development and launch of this podcast series for Business Insider subscribers. The team produced seven episodes on a tight production timeline during August and September of 2020. I oversaw the pitching process, drafted and enforced an editorial calendar, worked with the graphics team to develop show branding, led performance data collection and analysis, and coordinated with reporters at Business Insider to draft episode peels and newsletter promotions.

Insider Edge: On The Job

Listen to a sample:

1. What to do when you feel overworked
Learn how to lighten your workload while doubling down on the tasks you really care about.
2. How to nail a job interview remotely
Making a good impression is harder when you are interviewing remotely. Here's how to look and sound your best over Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype.
3. How to initiate and maintain effective mentorships
Learn how to become an effective mentor or seek out others who can support your personal and professional needs, and make your company a more inclusive place to work in the process
4. What questions to ask immediately if you're laid off
Susan Peppercorn, executive and career coach, shares three things you can do protect yourself before layoffs happen, and three steps to spring into action if they do.
5. How to be an effective leader
Tips to help you become an effective and successful leader in both your professional and personal life.
6. How to revitalize your career if you're furloughed
7. How to build a collaborative workplace

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