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The On Assignment podcast features conversations with winners of the Alfred I. du-Pont-Columbia Awards. I edit episodes of the podcast, which are released monthly.

#32: Zoe Chace

Zoe Chace has no problem walking up to strangers with headphones on and mike poised. It's how she captured her du-Pont-Columbia winning story, "Ep 600 Will I Know Anyone at This Party?" which gives a firsthand account of the immigration push back taking place in America today. Chace reveals her tips for getting into the Republican convention without credentials, persuading people to talk when they don't want to, and managing fears of getting fired.

January 2018 - September 2019

#43: Nikole Hannah Jones with Lester Holt

NYT Magazine’s Nikole Hannah-Jones talks to NBC News anchor Lester Holt about reporting on race, the perils of making things personal, and takeaways from her 2018 John Chancellor Award-winning excellent reporting.

#41: Betsy West, Julie Cohen & Amy Entelis

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